Wh1t3projects' PHP framework. Small PHP framework for building web apps and websites

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Getting started with the Framework

Welcome to the Getting Started guide! This guide will help you get set up and will teach you the basics on how to use the Framework.
First, you will need to install it so that you can use it. Don’t worry, it’s very easy!

Copy all files in into a folder that can be served by a web server (with PHP installed). Then try to access it from your web browser.
It should prompt you to launch the configuration wizard. Since this is your first time, you can use the default settings. They are good for most situations.
NOTE: If you would like the modules (and web pages) to be able to talk with a database server, you will need to specify the database settings.
Later, if you would like to change any setting, you do so by editing the config.php file.

Once you click Save, you will get a confirmation message if everything went fine, along with a link to test the framework. Note that, for security reasons, the wizard will be disabled after saving.

Note that, for the moment, only Apache is natively supported. If you would like to use another web server (like Nginx or IIS), you will need to manually configure it so that it redirects all requests to index.php. Take a look at the .htaccess file for more information.

If you need more information about each individual settings, please take a look at the configuration list.